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New data shows Toyota hybrids deliver lowest CO2 emissions in Ireland

Data released today by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), shows that Toyota is leading the way when it comes to reducing CO2 output. From the top 10 car brands in Ireland, Toyota’s CO2 output is the lowest, achieving 17 per cent lower emissions than the other car manufacturers.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the C02 output from transport in Ireland has increased in five of the last six years, with 2018 the last reported year increasing by 1.7 per cent.

With consumers looking for real alternatives to their traditional petrol or diesel car, they have clearly made self-charging hybrids their preferred choice. Hybrids have become the fastest growing powertrain, up 104 per cent in 2020. So, what impact will this have on Ireland’s CO2 output?

SIMI’s figures show that the average CO2 output from all new Toyota hybrids sold in 2019 was 86.84g v’s an average of 112g of the remaining top 10 competitors. This 17 per cent difference is significant and highlights the role self-charging hybrids play in reducing CO2. This is already exceeding the EU target of 95g set for all car manufactures by 2021. Toyota tells us that it is the only top 10 car brand in Ireland to do so and two years ahead of target.

Steve Tormey

Commenting, Steve Tormey, CEO of Toyota Ireland said: “Toyota is committed to playing its part and leading Ireland towards zero emissions motoring as we have been doing for the past 22 years with self-charging Hybrid electric vehicles. Given the myriad of challenges facing full electrification, from the global shortage of lithium for batteries through to the inherent challenges associated with creating a charging infrastructure, it is our view that there is no silver bullet to reducing CO2 output.

“In fact we believe self-charging Hybrids offer the best volume solution today to reducing Ireland’s CO2 output. In addition to electric vehicle growth, policy makers should be encouraging the growth of Hybrids, as we firmly believe a Hybrid mix of 25 per cent can be achieved in 2021, which would reduce Ireland’s CO2 by 166,000 tonnes in their lifetime.”