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New handy tool for checking steering and suspension wear

Tyre retailers can now quickly check steering and suspension parts for wear using a handy new tool from Meyle.
Meyle has added a joint play tester to its range of products. The tool allows steering and suspension parts to be checked for wear quickly, easily and reliably.

A YouTube video featuring two of Meyle’s car technicians describes the use and benefits of the joint play tester. The video is part of the recently launched garage series, “The Meyle Mechanics”, featuring two repair experts demonstrating removal and installation procedures for different parts rounded out by technical tips and tricks to help streamline workshop routine.


Wheel suspension play and noise emissions are frequently caused by worn steering system components such as ball joints or rubber bushings, often resulting in unresponsive steering, reduced driving and braking safety and increased tyre wear.

The new Meyle joint play tester allows workshops to check control-arm mounts, ball joints, tie rod end assemblies and suspension strut bearings for wear.

Moving the lever arm delicately enables repair professionals to identify early-stage wear of the suspension components on the front and rear axles. In addition, no lifting platform is required for this procedure, adding transparency to the diagnosing process while demonstrating the need for repair to the customer.

The multi-functional Meyle joint play tester can also be used as a wheel gripper to remove tight wheels from passenger cars, SUVs and vans with wheel diameters of between 550mm and approx. 800mm, thereby preventing damage to the rim and giving repair professionals the benefit of smoother and time-saving wheel change procedures.
The Meyle joint play tester is a one-piece tool requiring virtually no maintenance and no additional implements.