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New heavy EV battery removal solutions from Laser Tools

Electric vehicle maintenance: modern EV Batteries are designed to be easily removed from the vehicle, for both service and/or replacement purposes.

However, although they may be simple to remove in theory (ie, a few bolts and a plug to remove), in practice safely removing a large battery which can weigh anything up to 600kg is not exactly ‘easy’. While the OE vehicle manufacturers will generally have their own model specific solutions, these are often very expensive to acquire, even if they are actually available to the general market.

Laser Tools has recently introduced two new products, designed specifically for safely removing such batteries. The EV battery-lifting frame (part number 8338) and the EV mobile battery bench (part number 8339) are suitable for ‘all-makes’ applications.

Although both are individual items, and can be purchased and used independently, they are designed to be used in conjunction with each other as a complete battery removal process.

The EV battery-lifting frame

The mobile battery bench is used under a standard two-post vehicle lift — the bench legs are adjusted to suit the angle of the base of the battery on the vehicle. The vehicle is then lowered onto the surface of the bench, and the battery securing fasteners, etc, are removed. Raising the vehicle allows the mobile bench with battery to be rolled away.

The EV mobile battery bench

The battery-lifting frame is used for lifting the battery off the mobile battery bench for repair or replacement and for lifting a new battery from its packing crate ready for installation. It is fully adjustable to accommodate the length and width of the battery, and positioning of the lifting eyes.

It can also be adjusted to accommodate batteries which vary in height along their length due to control modules, etc, by adjusting the chain lengths. This adjustability is critical in being able to maintain stable horizontal lifting for safety reasons.

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