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New masking tape from 3M

While vehicle paint technologies and repair techniques move on, some of the fundamental consumables, like masking tape, have remained largely unchanged – until now. In launching its 3030 Premium Auto Refinish masking tape, diversified technology company 3M has turned its attention to a product that has seen little change in more than a decade and come up with a new, improved version that offers a host of benefits for today’s paint shop.

Scotch Tape 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape from 3M has been designed to deliver effective, instant adhesion and

superior holding power even on problem surfaces. The improved adhesive will not leave residue when it is removed, which can often save up to 15 minutes per repair. With a smooth surface and excellent solvent and water resistance, it enables a clean paint line to be achieved with modern paint systems and, when wet-sanding, there is no need to re-mask. It is temperature-resistant to 100°C and capable of going through two or more bake cycles, so an optimised single-step masking process can be achieved, saving time and materials. Scotch Tape 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape also resists slivering during both unwind from the roll and removal and, unlike many other masking products, will stay firmly in place during the bake cycle while applied tape-on-tape.

Darren Lansley from 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division explains: “When we looked at ways in which we could improve the performance of masking tape, many of the operatives we talked to said they were quite happy with standard tape. In reality, though, they had simply got used to working with a basic product. When they trialled the Scotch Tape 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape, its superior performance was immediately apparent. It is effective and more cost-efficient and we estimate the time savings per job easily outweigh the small additional outlay per roll.”

One convert to Scotch Tape 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape is Maypole Motors’ coachwork shop in Surbiton, Surrey, which has two low-bake spray booths and uses the latest water-based technology. Manager Steve Bowler comments: “It is a much better product. It sticks firmly and doesn’t lift off when paint gets on to it. It means that you can do a good, clean job and when you remove the tape, you don’t have to waste time cleaning the glue off the panel you have sprayed. It’s definitely on our stock list now.”

Scotch Tape 3030 Premium Auto Refinish Masking Tape is available in 50 metre rolls in seven widths from 15mm to 100mm. For more information and to find the most cost-effective combination, speak to your local 3M representative.