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New Meyle-HD tie rod ends for Dacia models

Independent workshops can offer customers an extended four-year warranty period on yet another replacement part. Under its Meyle-HD brand Meyle now supplies a technically refined tie rod end to fit Dacia Logan and Sandero models.


Subject to excessively high loads, tie rod end assemblies are destined to wear out quickly. Relying on the high-strength Meyle solution allows repair professionals to offer premium-grade repairs and build strong customer relations.

Tie rod end assemblies are exposed to continually high levels of strain. Steering while stationary applies high radial forces on the tie rod end, while bumpy roads take an additional toll, often resulting in premature part wear, typically manifesting itself in the form of noise and steering play. The new Meyle-HD tie rod end for Dacia models features a larger ball head than typically found on conventional designs, which allows forces acting on the ball to be distributed more effectively thereby reducing the surface pressure applied on the ball joint’s plastic socket.

Additionally, the specially formulated Meyle lubricant is optimally geared to the materials making up the joint, i.e. steel, plastics and rubber. Designed in collaboration with a specialist manufacturer of high-performance greases, the Meyle lubricant helps minimise stick/slip and breakaway torque. Under all operating conditions, the grease provides for a constant lubricant film between the ball pin and plastic socket, thereby ensuring smooth movement in the ball joint.

All these technical refinements combine to deliver a part which lasts considerably longer than its original equipment equivalent. The new Meyle-HD tie rod ends for the Dacia Logan and Sandero are available under the Meyle part numbers 16-16 020 0011/HD and 16-16 020 0012/HD. As with all products of the Meyle-HD range, Meyle also gives a full four-year warranty on these HD tie rod ends.