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New Mirka factory using hybrid energy solution

Mirka says that its new factory in Jakobstad, Finland will be equipped with a hybrid energy solution. It adds that the goal is to “achieve the greatest possible emission reductions” when it comes to the factory’s energy consumption.

In connection with the expansion of Mirka’s property in Jakobstad, a hybrid solution will also be implemented for the heating of the new building. Central to the solution is the utilisation of geo-energy, in other words, heat energy stored in the ground. For this, 115 geo-energy wells have been drilled in the area, extending down to a depth of 340 metres.

The geo-energy is supplemented with two large water-air heat pumps, solar panels, as well as district heating for the coldest periods.

“Our goal is to minimise our carbon dioxide emissions. This solution will mean an annual reduction in emissions of 900 tonnes, which is a significant change,” according to project office manager, Jari Lemberg.

The heat pumps will be used during the summer to cool the property. In connection with this, the heat is gathered and stored in the geo-energy field and then used for heating in the winter.

The project with the energy solution is carried out together with the energy company Adven. Mirka has worked with the company for over 20 years and Adven currently acts as an energy partner for Mirka’s factories in Jeppo and Oravais.

“The collaboration with Adven has worked well and therefore it was natural to also involve them in the project in Jakobstad. The solution itself is very interesting and a fine example of how to create sustainable energy solutions to the greatest possible extent”, says Mirka’s CEO Stefan Sj√∂berg.

Mirka will be exhibiting at this year’s Auto Trade EXPO, which takes place from Saturday and Sunday, October 15-16 at the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin.