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New P3000 discs from Farécla

Farécla has introduced a high tech, consistent solution for flatting and polishing Ultra High Solids and Scratch Resistant Clearcoats, which can be troublesome, particularly if they have been left for some time after baking. G Sand P3000 foam-backed discs combined with Farécla’s new G3 Ultra compound offer a fast route to an unbeatable, quality finish – with no reappearance of flatting marks.

G Sand P3000 performed extremely well in evaluations by paint companies and in extensive trials in bodyshops, and testing by a premium car manufacturer confirmed Farécla’s own findings: that G Sand P3000 discs last 30% longer than the competition.

Consistency of scratch pattern is an important factor in reducing polishing time and this is a quality factor which the P3000 foam-backed discs have in common with the P1200, P1500 and P2000 film-backed discs already in the G Sand range which are noted for lasting up to 2½ times longer than other  film-backed abrasives on the market.

The anti-static film backing ensures a flatter disc resulting in a more even mineral coating.  This results in a consistent scratch pattern when sanding and improved cutting action. Normal adhesion techniques of the mineral coating will not work on film backed discs so Farécla G Sand Discs have advanced adhesion technology.  This ensures the perfect sanding surface is accomplished and helps eliminate shelling (when an abrasive particle comes loose from the backing – a frequent cause of rogue scratches).

The resin bond coating makes the film discs more durable and flexible, so that they continue to cut well for longer, whilst the stearate coating provides an improved anti-clogging layer. Uneven scratch patterns and inconsistency from other manufacturers’ discs make the polishing process harder and longer – the opposite is true for G Sand discs.

Another very important benefit of G Sand is that unlike other abrasives you can use a cloth (any kind) to clean the disc during use. It is recommended you do this every 10 seconds when sanding as this maintains performance and removes any dirt and debris that can collect on the disc which can cause pigtails.

Rob Wilkinson, Technical Director, Farécla Products commented: “Our G Sand film backed discs, and now foam-backed P3000 discs, together with G3 Ultra abrasive compound offer unbeatable results in terms of gloss level, speed and longevity.  The advanced technology that we have built into both products means they are the fastest and most cost-efficient way to a flawless permanent finish.”