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New paint performance enhancer from Nexa Autocolor

Nexa Autocolor’s drive to constantly improve process optimisation has been further demonstrated through the introduction of a new Paint Performance Enhancer SPP2000 compatible with the Turbo Plus EHS range, that enables easier maintenance of trucks and a faster process for cleaning.

SPP2000 Paint Performance Enhancer has been developed using the latest advances in Nano technology, designed to give the paint finish surface a higher resistance to dirt and repellence to oil or water giving the appearance of a cleaner and glossy finish for longer periods of time.

Using SPP2000 means less detergent and effort is required when washing, resulting in less time off the road and lower cost to clean. This also delivers the additional benefit of reducing the impact on the Environment helping to work towards a ‘greener’ future and forthcoming Legislation that prevents ‘harsh’ chemicals being used in Commercial Transport washes.

Attention to process times is a key driver in any profitable business; with this clear understanding Nexa Autocolor delivers products for process optimisation both for customers and end users too. The introduction of SPP2000 further demonstrates Nexa Autocolor’s commitment to ‘Innovating Repair Solutions’ through enhancing product performance and streamlining end users’ process.

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