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New professional lithium JumpStarter from Ring

A conventional PowerPack traditionally contains a standard lead acid battery, which makes the units big and heavy. However, new technology is being harnessed to provide smaller, yet equally powerful units.

Ring JumpStarter copy
Ring’s new RPP950 Lithium ion JumpStarter has been designed for workshops, garages and the DIY enthusiasts. It is capable of jumpstarting cars and light commercial vehicles, with the advantage of being compact in size and lightweight.

The RPP950 is suitable for vehicles with a petrol engine size up to 3.0L. The JumpStarter provides a source of power for emergency starts or breakdown assistance. Its high power 2.1A USB socket means it willalso recharge mobile phones, tablet devices and other portable electronic devices.

Tested in garages, car showrooms and vehicle leasing companies the JumpStarter will do multiple jumpstarts before needing to be recharged. The quick 4½ hours recharge time means the unit can be quickly reused within a working day. An AC charging adaptor and DC charging lead are supplied with the unit ensuring it can be recharged via the mains and on the move via a vehicle’s 12v power socket.

Unlike other Lithium jumpstarters that are on the market, the Ring jumpstarter is intrinsically safe using Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology rather than lithium cobalt (LiCoO2) technology.

Lithium Phosphate has superior chemical and thermal stability. It remains cool at room temperature while the Lithium Cobalt may suffer thermal runaway and heats up faster under similar charging conditions.

If used incorrectly or for prolonged periods Lithium Cobalt can over heat which may lead to a serious incident. Ring’s JumpStarter also features reverse polarity, short circuit and anti-spike protection to prevent damage to the vehicle’s battery and electronics or the JumpStarter itself -giving users peace of mind.

An LED is fitted to the help illuminate the battery in the engine bay, if needed to be used at night