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New Ring bulb wall chart for quick replacement reference

A new technical 6V and 12V bulb wall chart is available now from Ring, the vehicle lighting specialist, that gives factors a quick reference guide for replacement auto bulbs.

The chart features images, ECE references, dimensions, technical drawings and part numbers for over 600 replacement bulbs – 300 more than any other bulb supplier. This includes the most recently created references being fitted to new vehicles, as well as upgrades, so that motor factors can see the brighter, whiter and other high-performance options available for their customers.

The chart also has guides for ECE references, to show applications for a comprehensive range of road-legal bulbs for 12V and 6V vehicles.

Matthew Flaherty, Vehicle Lighting Product Manager at Ring, says: “The chart gives a quick reference guide for a wide range of bulb references. We’ve included some of the newest bulbs now being fitted to vehicles, including up to date HID references and the latest in performance upgrades. Our aim is to help technicians identify the correct replacement and offer potential upgrades, so that they can give their customers the best bulb for their vehicle with up to date information and options.”

The chart also includes information about Ring’s xenon HID range, which features well-established references as well as the newer D5 bulb that is now being fitted on a growing number of vehicles. Research from Ring suggests that xenon HIDs should be replaced every three years, to prevent a drop in light output and maintain visibility for drivers. This offers an opportunity for garages, who can offer replacement at a better value price than main dealers but still make a profit on the more technical fit and higher value products.