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New single phase booth options from Vinny Byrne

Vinny Byrne has introduced new single phase options into its range of high performance economical Yoki Spraybooths.

The availability of a booth that can operate from a single phase power supply will be welcome news to the many bodyshops across Ireland who would like to have the advantages of an advanced booth but have no access to a three phase electrical supply. In many of the more isolated locations in Ireland it is either not possible, or not economical to get a three phase electrical supply into a workshop and this has limited many repairers’ booth options.

Vinny Byrne can now offer a new solution to this problem with an advanced Yoki Spraybooth. The YokiI YK 200-A booth is also raised base alleviating the need for costly and inconvenient excavation work, making booth installation faster and more straightforward.

The YK 200-A, which is also available in a three phase power option, provides a very flexible and economical solution for any bodyshops looking to enhance their paintwork speed, quality and durability. The booth has a high build quality complying with ISO9001 and CE standards. Together with low running costs this makes it ideal for both first time installation or equipment upgrade.

Vinny Byrne has made many successful booth installations throughout Ireland and can offer customers flexibility in terms of design, installation and finance.

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