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New software packages added to Bosch Esitronic 2.0 Online

Bosch has reshuffled its licensing model for its Esitronic 2.0 Online diagnostic software. New packages are now oriented to the demands of everyday practice, and thus to customer requirements.

This makes it significantly easier for workshops to put together and order the Esitronic data they need for their specific operations, according to Bosch.

In the future, they will be able to choose from the Esitronic ‘Diagnostic’, ‘Advanced’, and ‘Master’ packages, each of which builds on the other.

Bosch claims its latest workshop software comprises data relating to more than 90,000 vehicles of some 150 makes. In the background, the software automatically updates any data relating to new vehicle models.

Two add-on packages include information about spare parts and the repair of diesel and electronic components. The Bosch diagnostic software continues to be available for commercial vehicles, trailers, vans, buses, agricultural machinery, construction vehicles and machinery, and stationary engines.

Diagnostic package
The Esitronic Diagnostic package offers an introduction to the use of Bosch testing and diagnostic systems for professional vehicle diagnosis, servicing, and repair work.

It contains all the essential technical information about vehicles and the components and control units installed in them. The centerpiece of the package is its control-unit diagnosis. This lists all the control units, shows an overview of all saved mileage driven values, shows any error codes recorded, and actual values.

Advanced package
In addition to the functions of the Diagnostic package, the Esitronic 2.0 Advanced package contains instructions and manuals issued by Bosch and automakers, with step-by-step guides for diagnosis and repair, with target values, circuit diagrams, and functional descriptions.

The Advanced package also includes a Connected Repair function. This allows all the information relating to the customer’s vehicle, from the workshop office and from the workshop equipment, to be merged with customer and vehicle data, diagnostic findings, test protocols, and documentary photographs, and then organised and saved.

In addition, the workshop can augment the package with either circuit diagrams for convenience systems or servicing plans and information from the Esitronic Master package.

Master package
The Master package includes all the Bosch Esitronic 2.0 functions and databases needed for professional vehicle diagnosis. On top of the functions offered by the Advanced package, it includes circuit diagrams for convenience systems, servicing plans, and more detailed information.

The mechatronics engineer can call up circuit plans for engine-management, convenience, and bus systems, as well as information on the location of components. Detailed servicing plans list all the steps, spare parts, and target values that are needed for professional servicing and repair to automakers’ specifications.

Esitronic packages for specialists
For work on increasingly sophisticated diesel engine equipment, the Esitronic Diesel package offers the necessary technical expertise, with repair instructions, exploded-view drawings, and parts lists.

The Esitronic Electric package provides continuously updated information on the ever-growing number of electrical components installed in modern vehicles. Moreover, the comprehensive Esitronic 2.0 Online diagnostic software is also available for commercial-vehicle workshops.

The Esitronic Truck package includes modules such as vehicle information, diagnostic data, maintenance instructions, circuit diagrams, and spare parts catalogues for commercial vehicles.

Based on the Truck package, the Esitronic Off-Highway package is designed for workshops that service and repair agricultural and construction machinery as well as engines.