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New Sunscreen Removal Kit from Abcon Ireland

Abcon Ireland has developed an innovative product that removes sunscreen from paintwork.

As sunscreen is absorbed through the pores of our skin to act as a block against the sun’s rays, so too is it absorbed into microscopic pin holes of the painted surface.

The longer the sunscreen sticks to the surface the harder it is to remove and the more damage it can cause to both your paint and undercoat.

There are YouTube videos galore showing that a simple pencil rubber will remove sun cream from the car, and while this does work in removing the sunscreen, the clear top coat is adversely aggected and in some instances, irreversibly damaged.

That is why Abcon has put together the Sunscreen Removal Kit, a three-product set which works to remove all traces of sunscreen from a car’s bodywork without compromising its overall finish.

The Kit includes Virtus 487 UHD, an ultra-high definition one step cut and polish which can be used both manually and with an orbital or rotary polisher, the Bossauto Tri-Applicator Pad, a hand pad with a white side for removing the sunscreen aggressively while remaining gentle on car paint and a black side for finishing the affected area to a perfect glossy finish, and a Microfibre Cloth to remove any left-over polish without scuffing the newly acquired finish.

The Sunscreen Removal Kit is the ideal summer addition to your detailing arsenal and guarantees complete removal of all sunscreen prints regardless of size or exposure time. Now you can stay protected, enjoy the sun and perfect your finish whatever the weather.

For Sunscreen Removal Kit enquiries contact Abcon on (049) 555 2340 or today to avoid prolonged sunscreen bodywork exposure!