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New support tool from KYB

KYB has launched a new tool to support technicians with fitting shock absorbers, coil springs and suspension mounting kits.


Some KYB products will soon be delivered with a QR code next to a spanner icon. This indicates that there is some technical information available specific to that part. Technicians can download a free QR reader app onto their smart phones, then use this to scan the code on the box giving them support to fit that part.

Once the code has been scanned, there are up to four choices offered: (i) fitting video – where available there is a fitting video specific to that vehicle, to help the technician to fit the part correctly (ii) fitting instructions – specific to the vehicle being worked on (iii) visual inspection – showing other things to look out for when replacing suspension components (iv) common information – this is more generic information about things like how to safely dispose of used product.


Often product boxes have various QR and bar codes on them, which is generally related to picking and pack information. For this reason, the spanner icon is what to look out for to know that there is some specific technical information available for that part.

This new QR support tool is one of a number of new initiatives launched by KYB to make it easier for technicians to work with suspension, to identify worn parts and to fit them. KYB hopes that technicians will find it useful and welcomes feedback on any specific parts which they may find tricky, so that supporting information can be added to the already growing number of parts with QR codes on them.

For technicians who do not have access to a smart phone, if they visit KYB’s website they will find a link on the home page to the QR tool, they can simply input the part number where they have seen the spanner icon and access the same information online which they would have seen on their smartphone.