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New Technical Autobulb Catalogues

Ring has launched its new Technical Autobulb catalogue, which is aimed at providing technical specifications on autobulbs for motor factors and distributors throughout the UK and Ireland.

CAT210-TECHINICAL-BULB-FRONT-COVER2The Technical Autobulb catalogue brings together more than 550 part numbers, including the latest in headlamp technology and LED replacement bulbs.

The catalogue has been designed to make it easy and straightforward to find the correct bulb.
All the bulbs have been grouped together by type and coloured coded appropriately. The image of the bulb is accompanied by the ECE regulation diagram and the cap type diagram.
The ECE reference and Cap type are clearly marked for each bulb.

Where upgrades are available the part numbers and product details are also listed.
At the back of the catalogue, the bulbs can be found by either an ECE reference index or part number index.

Where applicable Ring has also provided a cross-reference to other bulb manufactures part numbers.
This simple facility removes any doubt when replacing an existing bulb that has a different part number to Ring’s. Giving garage mechanics and motor factors confidence in replacing like for like.


The catalogue covers all types of bulbs needed throughout a vehicle. This includes references for all the exterior bulbs, panel bulbs and interior bulbs.
It also includes bulbs for Japanese and Korean vehicles helping to cover the Asian car parc across Europe.

The catalogue is not just for the 12v car parc, it also covers bulbs for the 24v commercial vehicle market and bulbs for specialist applications that may require 6v bulbs or 28v and 36v bulbs, typically used in materials handling vehicles.

Contact Strongline Autoparts Limited on (01) 462 4631 for further details.