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New Teroson website unveiled

A good vehicle repair and maintenance job isn’t accomplished with good products alone. Of course, they are an essential element but how they are applied is equally important. And that’s why Henkel has introduced its Teroson Training website.

It’s been designed by the Henkel technical application team with many years experience in this sector and provides a step-by-step guide to the most common tasks for which its Teroson and Loctite® products are specified.HK092-Teroson-training-website-copy2

Teroson and Loctite® are trusted brands for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing for automotive body and vehicle repair and maintenance. These products are complemented by carefully designed dispensers to make application as easy as possible. By additionally taking advantage of Henkel’s know-how via this dedicated website, users can be assured of getting the very best results from these quality products.

The Teroson Training website complements the established, on-site training support that Henkel has always provided. It is designed for visitors to access modules for a specific task, in their own time and at their own pace. The site covers four basic subjects: windscreen repair, body repair, car care and mechanical repair.

Under the Teroson brand, Henkel provides a wide range of products to bond screens and windows on all types of vehicles. They comply with car manufacturers’ recommendations and allow different drive-away times. The modules on the Teroson training website offer guidance for both standard and primerless direct glazing.

The Teroson training ‘body repair’ modules cover bonding and seam sealing, plastic repair, underbody coating and body fillers. Cleaning, care & protection and noise protection are the tasks listed under ‘car care’. The ‘mechnical repair’ module is devoted to gasketing and sealing. Loctite® gasketing products meet a broad range of needs in this area, offering the benefits of high temperature and solvent resistance, the ability to fill all voids and create and instant seal.

Analysis suggests that Henkel has hit on a real winner with this site. Since it went live nearly 3,000 visitors have taken advantage of these online modules. To register simply go to, apply for a login and password.