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New Texa diagnostic solutions

Modern mechanics need to keep their diagnostic tools constantly up to date in order to offer customers a first rate service and ensure satisfaction.

Texa says it does its best to update even its older generation of tools through active subscriptions, but the rapid progress made by the latest vehicle electronics often demands the most evolved diagnostic technology.

It can be difficult or even impossible to work on some of the latest ECUs using older tools because of the dramatic developments in components.

IDC4 software too (by now the de facto standard for the diagnostic sector) increasingly needs the most evolved hardware in order to support its exceptional coverage and innovative functions.


Renewing diagnostic tools, and upgrading to one of Tea’’s latest, most revolutionary solutions, is therefore a practical and forward-looking investment, the company says.

Texa’s policy is to develop future-proof diagnostic tools that can guarantee mechanics the ability to work on the thousands of electronic systems installed on today’s vehicles and keep ahead of the competition for many years to come.

Texa interfaces are designed precisely to keep up with changes in modern vehicle electronics. Axone 4 was designed to offer the mechanic the most effective and complete tool possible, and proved so successful that it made competitor’s products look old as soon as it was launched.

The Axone 4 Mini incorporates a Cortex A8  processor and 7 inch screen with a resolution of 800×1280, and delivers diagnostic power and usability so exceptional that it really does have no rivals on today’s market.

With the Navigator TXTs, Texa wanted to offer a revolutionary VCI that conforms fully to ISO 22900 interconnection standards and enhances available diagnostic functions in all five environments (Car, Bike, Truck, Off-Highway and Marine).

These are just some of the incredible opportunities that Texa offers the mechanic who has to deal with the latest problems in electronic system diagnostics. For further information and to discover the exceptional range of products available from Texa, simply ask your local dealer.