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NEW Touchmix® IV – the next evolution

Always striving to find Bodyshop managers innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and profitability, Nexa Autocolor’s  TouchMix® IV, the new computerised paint mixing system designed by industry experts specifically for the bodyshop environment ticks all the boxes.

As leaders in the repair process Nexa Autocolor has the understanding to provide solutions that allow the bodyshop business to grow efficiently, raise productivity and enable control of all workshop processes more easily.

An industry first, TouchMix® IV is a completely touchscreen based system that delivers more value and features. Incorporating a new touch screen unit it is compact and wall-mountable, Wi-Fi enabled providing more connectivity options, and robust enough for a mix room environment. It is the first bodyshop hardware solution to eliminate the need for CD’s.

• This unique touch device improves work flow as the new 15 inch touch screen completely removes the need for a mouse and keyboard improving productivity as there is no need to double key information, the operator just needs to touch what they see.

• TouchMix® IV’s compact and ergonomic design makes this unit easy to use, and as it is wall-mountable the workstation becomes more flexible allowing it to be you to positied where it is most practical for the user.

• Wi-Fi enabled with a built in powerful antenna, connection to the internet and to a network is simple and removes the necessity for complex cabling in the mixing room.

• Automatically updated with latest colour information, software features, new products information, you will always have the most up-to-date information available leaving less room for error and removing the need for CD’s.

• TouchMix® IV also allows you to connect to bodyshop management software, enabling efficient control of all of the paint management processes across all the bodyshops in the business.

• With RAPIDMATCH™ X-5 Spectrophotometer and PAINTMANAGER™ software compatibility, colour identification and adjustment functionality drives the correct colour identification processes and improved mixing room management reducing paint waste and improving accuracy and efficiency.

• This intuitive and easy to use unit is built to last in a mixing room envioronment and is fully compliant with European regulations having been designed to be completely explosion proof for use in hazardous areas

• Increased reliability having been built with 60 % less components than previous versions and with very few movable parts.

Using Nexa Autocolor’s bodyshop expertise, TouchMix® IV underlines the brands commitment to deliver colour excellence and accuracy with state of the art innovative technology allowing greater process efficiency.