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New welding accessories from Car-O-Liner

Car-O-Liner has introduced new accessories for its CTR 7 and CTR 9 welders to help technicians complete welding jobs quickly, efficiently and safely.

The first is a set of shelves and a clip kit (ART. NO. 50300). The shelves offer a great space to place consumables and equipment while working. The rubber mats and high sides of the shelves keep items, and the electrode kit, securely in place. The shelves swing easily from side to side giving ease of access. They can also slide up and down to achieve an optimal working height for the technician.

The four plastic clips help keep the hose in place, two for vertical and two for horizontal placement. The technician can slide the clips along the track in the balancer arm, open the clips and insert the hose to secure it against the arm and out of the way. The clips feature an easy open/close function for quick placement of the hose.

The second accessory is a dust cover (ART. NO. 50343). Made in a fine, water resistant, light weight and flexible polyester with a PU-coating the dust cover protects CTR 7 and CTR 9 welders from dust, water and other potential contaminants. It has a velcro closure which makes it fast and easy to put on and take off.