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New wheel arch and body line marker tool

Tool Connection brand Power-Tec has launched its new wheel arch and body line marker tool (part number 92688), designed to optimise the sanding/contouring process with accurate marking.

This versatile instrument is designed to accurately and quickly trace wheel arch and body lines directly onto the panel, utilising the existing curves and swage lines.

The tool features a parallel marking design, along with rollers (to prevent further paintwork damage) and spring-loaded pencil mount (keeping the pencil in contact with the surface).

Easily adjustable, this allows users to trace out existing curves and lines directly onto the panel, ensuring accurate replication of the original design. Extends up to 180mm.

Lightweight and durable metal and plastic construction. The integrated pencil sharpener adds convenience by providing a sharp and precise marking point whenever needed.

This feature eliminates the need for a separate sharpener, saving time and effort during the workflow. The sharpener is easily removed for emptying.