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New Henkel windscreen adhesive with two-hour SDAT

Henkel has launched Teroson Bond 120, its new windscreen adhesive which it says has a two-hour safe drive away time (with airbags). This gives vehicle repair workshops wider choice of SDAT under the trusted Teroson brand.

It has “unsurpassed safety credentials and is the perfect fit where quality is key”, however a fast SDAT is not needed, Henkel says.

This gives workshop technicians time to complete other tasks while the bonded windscreen builds initial strength within the SDAT.

In common with all windscreen adhesives in the Teroson Bond range, this new addition has been developed with the benefit of Henkel’s experience of structural bonding throughout the automotive supply chain, from OEM to the aftermarket.

Teroson Bond 120 conforms to the automotive repair market industry standard FMVSS 212/208, but Henkel also conducts its own test which assesses windscreen performance in a crash on the driver’s side with less overlap and at higher speed.

This is a common urban crash scenario and the torsional stress put on the vehicle body in this test offers further reassurance to the marketplace, providing confirmation that the windscreen adhesive is truly equal to today’s driving conditions.

Teroson Bond 120 is a cold-applied, one-component polyurethane adhesive with good sagging and little stringing. The comprehensive pre-treatment and application system within the new product range makes the application process easy, clean and fast. Its lower conductivity ensures compatibility with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and hassle-free re-calibration to minimise delays for the workshop and its customers.

Its strength safeguards airbag opening and ensures the laminated safety glass is held properly in place to protect the driver and passengers from debris.

With the addition of Teroson Bond 120 to its range of windscreen adhesives, Henkel boasts that it’s now able to provide vehicle repair workshops with products that have SDATs of between 15 minutes and 120 minutes. They include three products with a 60-minute SDAT, each with its own application characteristics.

These are Teroson Bond 60 (formerly Teroson PU 8597 HMLC); Teroson Bond 60 True Primerless (formerly Teroson PU 9097 PL HMLC) and the two-component Teroson Bond 60 Controlled Cure (formerly Teroson PU 8630 HMLC). Completing the range is Teroson Bond 15 (formerly Teroson PU 8599 HMLC) with 15-minute SDAT.

All Henkel windscreen adhesives, including this range dedicated to the needs of the independent aftermarket, have been continuously developed in line with OEM advances.

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