Nexa Autocolor introduces Premium Primer Surfacers

Nexa Autocolor has introduced a new range of Premium Primer Surfacers developed to deliver increased process efficiency and a high quality finish. 

The Nexa Autocolor brand has developed the Premium Primer Surfacer, a fast drying primer that combines process speed and ease of application with excellent sanding properties. It has a quick and user-friendly application and can be left to air dry overnight in temperatures less than 20ºC; improving Bodyshop efficiency without compromising on the quality of the final finish.

These new primers can be applied in two ways – high build mode and by roll priming. As well as offering reduced stock holding, the ability to roll prime means that time less materials are used – masking & cups, spray booth can be utilised for topcoat and of course it can be left overnight to dry.

They can be over coated with both Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat and 2K® HS Plus direct gloss.