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Nexa Autocolor launches HP high build chromate free epoxy primers

Nexa Autocolor has launched a new range of HP high build chromate free epoxy primers to its Commercial Transport product offer.

These new Primers available in white, grey and beige are high solids and fast curing with excellent adhesion properties and good corrosion resistance that have been developed for use over the most common Commercial Transport substrates including aluminium.

A dedicated Standard Hardener P275-3042 and Standard Thinner P850-1480 have also been developed for use with these new primers providing excellent overspray consumption to achieve better flow and gloss of the Topcoat. The two-stage application process also removes the need to use an etch primer saving material costs and time.

Nexa Autocolor is committed to the innovation of new products and repair processes, outstanding colour quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve productivity and profitability for it’s customers. The development of the Nexa Autocolor HP High Build Chromate Free Epoxy Primers is another example of this commitment, providing a chromate free epoxy platform with excellent all round product performance to streamline end user processes.