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Nexa Autocolor primer goes green

Nexa Autocolor has launched Eco+ Primer Surfacer, the latest in a series of products designed to help protect the environment, whilst delivering the same high quality and outstanding performance synonymous with the world’s leading premium refinish brand.

Representing a world’s first for the refinish industry, Eco+ Primer Surfacer incorporates a unique raw material – high quality PET plastic flakes, which are made from recycling plastic drinks bottles and food packaging that would otherwise take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill sites.

Motor manufacturers are aiming to increase the percentage of recyclable material used in the production of new cars. Nexa Autocolor mirrors this aim through its commitment to developing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions that are used to maintain, repair and protect cars.

• It has been developed to provide a very smooth film, which makes the sanding process extremely fast and easy, ensuring optimum efficiency and therefore helping to increase the profitability of the bodyshop.

• The exceptional sag resistance and excellent overspray absorption of Eco+ Primer Surfacer makes it the ideal primer for bumpers and complex repairs.

• As a mild primer it can be applied over the most sensitive OEM substrates and always ensures a high quality final finish.

Eco+ Primer Surfacer is available in three spectral grey shades with a dedicated hardener, P210-4470.