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One in five admit dent and runs

One in five UK drivers admit that they have damaged another car and left the scene without making the owner aware of the incident, new research has revealed.

The study, commissioned by looked into how many people accidentally scratched, dented or damaged another car and how they reacted to the incident.

Out of the 1,057 people surveyed, 100% of respondents had damaged another car by accident, but some people dealt with the mishap in a very different way to others.

Of the drivers who ‘dented and ran’, over a third (37%) admitted that they didn’t feel guilty about their oversight, despite over a quarter (26%) doing a medium amount of damage, such as creating a noticeable dent in the car.

Men were much more likely to knock a car and flee, with 28% of males confessing to this compared to just 16% of females.

Younger people aged 18 to 24 were the least likely to own up to the damage, with just over a third (34%) denting and running. They were also the least likely to feel guilty about the incident.