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Osram reinforces technical expertise

Through its automotive lighting laboratories in Germany, Osram claims it is continuing to push the market forward with technical expertise and quality, ensuring its bulbs “are the best customers can buy”.

To ensure its products are of the highest quality, Osram says it puts all of its products through rigorous testing at its manufacturing and testing facility in Herbrechtingen, Germany.

The Herbrechtingen lab includes tests for temperature and climate, such as sun simulation, climate test, salt spray test, temperature shock, chemical resistance, amongst others.

There are also mechanical tests for the bulb, including vibration, stone chip, tension, compression and shock tests, as well as high speed recording.

Electrical tests, such as electrostatic discharges, load dump, high voltage, fast-switches and battery supply simulator and light measurement tests, including luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution and luminance measurement, are also undertaken.

Osram also carries out geometrical tests for coordinate measurements, which is the spatial coordinates of points on a workpiece surface.

Finally, the lab technicians conduct an analysis of the bulb tested which involves microscopy, microsection analysis and x-rays. All of these tests are done before any bulb leaves the factory to be sold.

Complementing Osram’s facilities is Ring Automotive’s test lab in the UK. Ring, an Osram business since 2019, has the only automotive lighting lab in the UK.

Once products arrive into Leeds for the UK market, the team conduct further batch testing, including light measurement, luminous intensity distribution and lumens output to ensure customers only receive the highest standard bulbs.