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Osram shines a light on its extensive range of bulbs

Lighting specialist Osram has a vast range of bulbs to suit every driver, so to make sure they are recommending the right replacement to their customers, it would be wise for workshops and technicians to understand the differences between the various Osram offerings.

There’s a common misconception with bulbs being a seasonal product only, however bulbs can dim at any point during the year and it’s crucial to replace bulbs as soon as possible to ensure optimal lighting during dark nights.

While the days have got longer, it’s still a safety critical component to replace, and therefore, provides factors and technicians with an excellent up-selling opportunity all year round.

Xenon range
Osram upgrade xenon bulbs generate up to 220 per cent more brightness when compared to the minimum legal standard. Xenon bulbs also use less energy and have a longer life span than halogen bulbs.

Products that are prominent in this portfolio include the Xenarc Night Breaker Laser (Next Gen), which is Osram’s brightest xenon upgrade bulb. It has a 250 metre long beam and up to 20 per cent whiter light, allowing drivers to see further and, therefore, respond to the conditions on the road earlier.

If a driver is looking for more whiter light, Osram offers the Xenarc Cool Blue Intense (Next Gen), which also offers up to 150 per cent more brightness than the minimum legal standard.

However, if a driver is focused on a reliable bulb that will last a long time, Osram’s Xenarc Ultra Life, has a 10 year guarantee, which is up to four times longer than a standard bulb, providing the driver extra reassurance and saving them costs.

Finally Osram has the Xenarc Original, which has a four year guarantee and is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality. These bulbs fits a variety of vehicles, and are of premium quality manufactured in Germany.

Halogen range
Due to their impressive beam range, performance and longevity Osram’s halogen bulb offering has always been incredibly popular amongst drivers, technicians and retailers.

Similar to its xenon counterpart, Osram’s Night Breaker 200 is its brightest halogen bulb, with up to 200 per cent more brightness and up to 150 metre long beam. This product is one of the bestselling bulbs in Osram’s upgrade portfolio and widely regarded in the industry, especially as it was recently recognised in Auto Express’s 2023 Product Awards.

The Night Breaker Laser is the second most powerful halogen lamp with up to 150 per cent more brightness and has more light performance due to innovative laser ablation technology.

If a driver is looking for a bulb that will have excellent performance, and has longevity, technicians should recommend Osram’s Night Breaker Silver, which has an excellent performance-lifetime ratio, up to 130 metres long beam and up to 100 per cent more brightness.

For a more modern and stylish look for halogens, Osram’s Cool Blue Intense (Next Gen) is perfect, with extra white light for an LED look and is ideal for use in clear-glass headlights with its modern design with a silver cap.

For drivers that are looking for a reliable headlight and aren’t worried about anything more ‘flashy’, Osram’s Ultra Life is the ideal solution, with a four year guarantee and up to a 100,000km (62,000 miles) service life.

Finally, in the halogen range, is the Original Line 12V, which is an OEM quality product that is tried and trusted by vehicle manufacturers across Europe and therefore covers a wide array of applications for both headlight and auxiliary applications.

LED range
The LEDriving retrofit portfolio includes LED bulbs for high and low beam, fog, signalling and interior lighting applications. These retrofit LEDs provide superior brightness and colour temperatures of up to 6,500 kelvin.

The product ranges include the newly launched LEDriving HL Easy, Bright and Intense for 12V headlight applications, LEDriving FL for fog light applications, LEDriving HLT for trucks and 24V vehicles, LEDriving HLM for motorbikes and LEDriving SL for auxiliary lighting applications.

All the bulbs in the LED portfolio are marked for ‘Off-Road’ use only. Due to legislation, these bulbs are therefore only suitable for off road use.