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Osram urges motorists to check their bulbs

The dark winter months can be a challenging time for road users.  Checking all the lights on your vehicle are working is a must, as is buying from a high quality, trusted brand.  With recent success in the Auto Express product tests, motorists can be assured of Osram quality. 

Osram_Xenarc_Cool_Blue_Intense_D3S-copyOsram’s headlight upgrade bulbs fit performance, colour and lifetime criteria to suit the different needs of drivers.  This is reflected in its range: Night Breaker Unlimited, Silverstar 2.0, Cool Blue Intense and Ultra Life.

During lengthy journeys at night, when concentration and attention are tested to the limit, Night Breaker Unlimited and Silverstar 2.0 can make the driving experience easier, increase the driver’s field of vision and provide the decisive reaction seconds if there are any potential hazards or obstacles.

Silverstar 2.0 was awarded “Best Buy” status in the “Up to 60 per cent” category by Auto Express.  In contrast to conventional halogen bulbs, this economical performance upgrade bulb provides up to 60 per cent more light at 50 to 75 metres in front of your car and a beam of light that is up to 20 metres longer. This means that hazards, signs and road markings can be seen and recognised considerably earlier.

Tested in the “Over 60 per cent” category by Auto Express, in the latest bulb test, Night Breaker Unlimited was “recommended”; offering drivers the very latest in halogen headlight upgrade technology, providing up to 110% more light on the road ahead, a light beam that is up to 40 metres longer and 20% whiter compared to a standard Osram halogen bulb. As a like-for-like replacement of a standard halogen headlight bulb, Night Breaker Unlimited is a very easy upgrade. No re-wiring is required, just simply remove the existing bulb and replace it with the corresponding Night Breaker Unlimited bulb. ECE approved and road legal, they are approved for use on public roads across Europe.

Cool Blue and Ultra Life bulbs

The Cool Blue Intense halogen range has a colour temperature of up to 4200 Kelvin, currently making it the automotive bulb with the bluest colour temperature approved for road use by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). The special colour and up to 20 % more light on the road ahead compared to conventional halogen bulbs, improves contrast perception. Drivers can therefore see other road users, road markings and obstacles more easily.

Ultra Life, with a lifetime up to three times longer that standard Osram halogen bulbs, is the perfect choice when looking for longevity or where bulbs replacements are difficult.  Ultra Life also comes with a three year Osram guarantee.

Download the free Vehicle Light App to find your bulbs
Finding the right replacement bulb has never been easier with the new Osram Vehicle Light App.  It’s free to download and is available for both Apple and Android devices.  For more information on the Osram range of vehicle lighting solutions, please visit  A list of our retail partners is also available online:

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