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P.J. Fallon & Son kits out Audi Centre Kilkenny

Workshop tools and equipment specialists, P.J. Fallon & Son recently fitted out the Audi Centre in Kilkenny with Keen Space workbenches and Autop Stenhoj lifts.

Joe Fallon, managing director of P.J. Fallon & Son commented: “The Audi Centre wanted a very organised and functional set-up, which would help all its technicians to work better and with more precision, but at the same time offering a high quality, modular, durable, and aesthetically appealing space.

“The project began, as always, with an in-depth investigation of the customer’s requirements and the type of vehicles handled, followed by an inspection of the site where the workshop was about to be set up.

“The importance for the customer was to install the workstations to make the most of all the available space.”

Manufactured in Italy, Keen Space solutions are modular, which allows for multiple compositions and settings. This means furniture can be built in perfect harmony with the work space, leading to higher workshop performance.

The work benches are finished in a varnished 20/10 steel foil and protected by a 3 mm ABS top cover, ensuring they remain in perfect condition over a long time.

Rounded edges also make the work space a safe and comfortable place.

Mr Fallon added: “Since last year adding the Keen Space range of work benches to our offering, we have seen a great demand for the product from many workshops and garages throughout Ireland.

“The versatile and flexible benches are perfect for any place where a reliable and long-lasting product is needed.”

The Autop Stenhoj lifts fitted in the Audi Centre by P.J. Fallon & Son allow vehicles to be positioned in rear area of the work bay, offering a better door-opening angle.

The lift’s post is height adjustable during installation, and has an electronically operated safety ratchet system, meaning no expensive compressed air is required.

Mode of operation for the “down” button can be chosen while installed. 1. straight down, or 2. first up, then down, in order to get out of the safety ratchet.

Other features include a pushbutton control unit with a parking button and an alarm signal and one power pack with low energy consumption.

Arms can be opened more than 180° for better drive-in situation for lifts installed in 90° angle to the drive lane.

P.J. Fallon & Son can be contacted on 090 662 6963.