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Pagid unveils Professional Brake Fluid Moisture Tester

TMD Friction, a leading manufacturer of original equipment (OE) brake friction material for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, has introduced a new brake service tool, the Pagid Professional Brake Fluid Moisture Tester.

Expressing deep concern about surveys showing that 50% of vehicles have brake fluid below the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS-116), TMD says testing every vehicle to enter the workshop brings both safety benefits and revenue opportunities.

Shockingly, one recent UK study found that 29% of vehicles had braking system defects so serious that they constituted a risk to motorists’ lives.

In terms of profit potential, based on £21 per vehicle on 700 cars, an average-sized workshop could reasonably expect to make an extra £14,700 a year from the process started by brake fluid moisture testing.

Carl Jackson, director – business development IAM at TMD Friction, commented: “Brake fluid has a very high boiling point but it has one major drawback: it is hydroscopic, it absorbs moisture. This has always been a problem, but has become a bigger issue over recent years. We keep our cars for longer and the older the fluid gets, the less reliable it becomes.

“The more moisture there is in the brake fluid, the lower the boiling point becomes, increasing the risk of ‘brake fade’. In extreme circumstances, the fluid can boil (turn to vapour) and the brake pedal will go straight to the floor with no braking action. This is known as ‘vapour-lock’, the ‘silent killer’.

“The new Pagid Professional Brake Fluid Moisture Tester helps garages to tackle this threat while also delivering extra revenue. It takes less than a minute to measure the boiling point and confirm if the brake fluid has absorbed too much moisture to be safe.

“The boiling point appears on a digital display or print-out, so the customer can see the results for themselves. If the test identifies a low boiling point this should be converted into a brake fluid change, but a full diagnostic brake check should also be offered. For example, if the fluid level is low in the master cylinder reservoir, brake fluid may be leaking from another location.

“The Pagid Professional Brake Fluid Moisture Tester uses patented technology approved by the world’s leading brake system and brake fluid manufacturers. As well as protecting your customers by providing a fast and accurate test of this safety critical item, it is a revenue-generating tool that should pay for itself within a few weeks. Whether you call it a win-win or a no-brainer, it is something all independent repairers should be looking at.”

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