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Permahyd Hi-TEC effect tints in new can size

Spies Hecker customers can now order mixing tints in 250 ml cans in addition to the existing 500 ml cans. The additional can sizes are initially available for 11 effect mixing colours of the Permahyd Hi-TEC basecoat 480 series.

Spies-HeckerMany effect tints are highly pigmented so that a little goes a long way. Now, bodyshops can adjust purchase quantities of paint material to the paint volume that is actually needed and so reduce costs.

“These smaller cans will help bodyshops to adapt orders of mixing colours to actual usage rates and so ensure they always have best quality, fresh paint available,” says Daniel Hartland, brand marketing coordinator, Spies Hecker UK and Ireland.

The new can size is also easier to handle. The 250 ml cans all come with new dosing lids without paddles, as the paint no longer has to be stirred in the mixing machine. “The effect tints just have to be gently shaken before use,” Hartland says.