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Permanently fix coolant system leaks with Holts SEALit

Holts has launched SEALit, a new one-step leak repair product for vehicle coolant systems.

Developed for professional use and suitable for all cars and compatible with all antifreeze formulations, SEALit’s unique, super-concentrated formula acts fast, is easy to use and provides a guaranteed permanent repair for most leaks, within minutes.

SEALit Coolant Leak Repair permanently seals leaking engine blocks, cylinder heads, head gaskets, freeze plugs, radiators and hoses. Holts is so confident of SEALit’s performance in repairing cooling system leaks that the product is backed by a money-back guarantee for the lifetime of the engine. Suitable for all makes and models of car, SEALit’s non-silicate formula is guaranteed to be compatible with any antifreeze / coolant and will not form potentially damaging gels or sludge in the coolant system.

The product can be added directly to the cooling system thanks to the product’s easy one-step ‘Pour & Go’ formula. It does not require the cooling system to be drained or flushed, saving both time and money. Creating a robust and lasting seal, it negates the requirement for costly repairs or replacement of engine components.