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Philips brightens up Paris with street legal colour

Phillips certainly brightened up Equip Auto in Paris this week when  it presented the first line of legal coloured car headlights to be launched in France.

Contrast is the order of the day, with the Philips stand at Equip Auto divided into two clear sections. The first, traditional, allows the Amsterdam based group to present all its product lines and illustrate them with video presentations.

The second, a more forward-thinking demonstration area, recreates the garage environment and offered visitors activities, while also giving them the opportunity to touch and checkout the latest innovations.

Among them, the highlight (no pun intended) of the Philips stand caught visitors’ attention was the new range of Colour Vision lamps, the Dutch brand is causing a stir – launching legal coloured bulbs for the first time on the market.

More subtle than many unauthorised alternatives, the key to Colour Vision’s bulb technology is actually in the coating. Slightly tinted, it changes the light to provide a touch of optical colour. Available in the H4 and H7 ranges, providing 60% more vision, these bulbs are available in four colours: yellow, green, pink and blue.


Extreme personalisation
No longer solely dedicated to enthusiasts who up until now had the choice between
being illegal or going without – this opens up a never-explored field of vehicle customisation.

Increasingly widespread, the phenomenon may very soon be extended to optics. The first company to integrate them could be Fiat, in its 500, as tests were conducted with Philips and the images can be seen on the stand.

Worthy of note among the other exhibits was a new multi-lighting system. A practical and innovative solution, it consists of three independent LED modules that can be placed in the desired location using a rotating head at 300′C and a directional lens at 120′C. Each module has a protective and rugged case with two lighting modes.

To complement its range of workshop products, Philips also exhibited its Penlight portable lamps, battery operated and with a compact design, and its rechargeable Luxeon lights.

To bring it all to life, in addition to product demonstrations, car bonnets allowed visitors to test the lamps in situ – their magnetism and resistance to shocks or hazardous liquids.

The power and technology of Philips products were also highlighted by comparison tests with “lambda” products. Viewed together in this way, all these new items enable the lighting specialist to capture attention of the visitors to Equip Auto.