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Potholes benefiting Irish motor trade

While recurring potholes on roads are the bane of most Irish motorists, they can only be of benefit to garages and motor factors here, as damaged car parts need to be replaced.

According to the most recent pothole-related survey from AA Ireland, of those who had their car damaged by a pothole, 61 per cent reported that one or more of their tyres had either been punctured, with 35 per cent stating that the wheel rim had also been damaged by the pothole.

Meanwhile, 23 per cent said they damaged the steering alignment and 17 per cent damaged the shock absorbers or shock absorption system.

A garage owner recently told that he and his staff have been “inundated with work” due to the state of the roads in the local area.

“We haven’t got the amount of time we normally spend with people and the ability to drop everything and jump on someone’s car because we’re inundated with the amount of work we’ve got on,” they said.

“One in five customers are coming in to say ‘I’ve had to swerve, I’ve hit a pothole‘ and the roads were never this bad. The problem with the condition of the roads is they’re amplifying the faults that are already there, making noises louder and corroded parts break.”