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Potholes blamed for nearly half of windscreen chips

Potholes are the cause for nearly half of windscreen chips in the UK, according to new research from Autoglass.

It found that 44 per cent of drivers there who have found a chip or a crack in their windscreen in the past 12 months believe potholes are to blame. The feeling is no doubt mutual here in Ireland, too.

Autoglass found that a third of UK drivers (33%) have had windscreen damage in the past year.

In addition to those blaming potholes, 35 per cent of drivers blamed loose stones or debris on the road and 20 per cent of drivers said damage was caused by bad weather, such as hailstones, flying branches or other debris in high winds.

The survey also discovered what drivers would do if they had a chip on their windscreen. The results showed that only 27 per cent would contact a glass repair company directly, while 29 per cent of UK drivers would contact their car insurance company.

Alarmingly, three per cent of people would not get a chip repaired despite the fact that it could crack at any time meaning a more costly windscreen replacement rather than a simple and low-cost chip repair.

Five per cent do not know who they would contact.