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PPG adds HS Clear 0320 to MaxMeyer range

PPG has introduced its new MaxMeyer HS Clear 0320, a VOC compliant, two-component clearcoat suitable for all general types of collision repair.

Developed with repairer’s daily challenges and needs in mind, PPG says this acrylic solution guarantees quick and easy application and an excellent final appearance.

HS Clear 0320, the new premium clearcoat in the MaxMeyer range, is said to provide bodyshops with a cost-effective product that improves on efficiency and final results. PPG tells us that with quick bake cycles and an excellent, easy to achieve final appearance, MaxMeyer HS Clear 0320 is perfect for painters of any experience and a first-class addition to bodyshops.

The new solution offers easy mixing with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio, while it also has a 120-minute workable pot life and can be used for single or multi-panel repainting. PPG says HS Clear 0320 offers many benefits to bodyshops to improve throughput; a 15 minute bake time at 60°C, excellent application and flow properties resulting in a finish that is easy to polish to a superb gloss level, all benefits that can be passed on to the bodyshop’s customer.

To support the launch of the brand new MaxMeyer HS Clear 0320, PPG has also added the Maxi-Build 4:1 Primer 4024. A new, extremely high-solids 2K acrylic primer, with simple and error proof 4:1:1 mixing ratio that provides high build on vertical applications, is easy to sand and gives good final appearance. It’s fast flash-off and drying times makes it suitable for air-drying and poorer shop conditions.