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PPG advises on how to store waterborne basecoats

Keeping waterborne basecoats at optimum temperature is key to achieving a successful application and overall finish, according to PPG.

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To make sure this advanced product maintains its performance, the temperature should be between 15°C-25°C.  However ideal conditions are between 20°C-25°C.

When storing the product, it needs to be off the floor, away from concrete walls and away from heat sources which is also important for both distributors and bodyshops. If the temperature in the paint storage room drops below 4⁰C you may find the paint becomes unusable. The low temperature may cause the paint to crystalise and affect colour formulations.

For distributors transporting waterborne products it’s also important to recognise temperatures of 4°C or below require temperature controlled transportation.

Lastly, rotating stock to ensure first in, first out (FIFO) stock management is key to temperature control.