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PPG awarded for overspray-free paint application

PPG has received a ‘2020 R&D 100 Award’ for its overspray-free application for faster automotive painting.

The overspray-free paint application combines a state-of-the-art automotive painting application system called EcoPaintJet (invented and offered by Dürr) and customised decorcoat paint developed by PPG to apply multiple colours to an automobile without the use of intricate masking to control where paint is applied.

It is the world’s first precision application for automotive OEM coatings.

By enabling the paint to maintain crisp edges without the use of masking, the overspray-free paint application saves body shops significant time.

When performing a process as simple as painting a car roof a different colour from the body, for example, the process can save up to 50 minutes per car, according to PPG. It also eliminates energy-intensive air filtering systems that handle overspray from the paint application process, further reducing costs and time without compromising quality.

The overspray-free paint application is currently commercial for two-tone cars and is being expanded to other applications where labour- and time-intensive masking is used, such as motorcycles, garage doors, trains, buses and aircraft.