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PPG introduces unique flexible Matt Clearcoat System

Responding to an increasing trend by motor manufacturers offering full body low gloss finishes in the market, PPG has introduced a unique flexible Matt Clearcoat System consisting of two Deltron Progress acrylic urethane Clearcoat’s designed to reproduce a range of low gloss levels for the specialised repair of vehicles originally finished with a low gloss clearcoat.

D8115 Matt Clearcoat and D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat can be used alone to achieve a very low gloss finish, or mixed together to achieve a full range of low gloss levels for any body or trim finish.

Mixing ratios are simple, and since both products have the same activation ratio, they can be blended in any ratio required, to overcome any variation from vehicle to vehicle. This flexibility enables the bodyshop to make fine adjustments and allow for the normal gloss variation, due to colour, model, position of the repair on the vehicle, or bodyshop conditions.

Another benefit of the PPG low gloss clearcoat’s is that they can allow for basecoat blending. There is no risk of edge to edge colour variation compared to the OEM finish and the clearcoat’s can be applied to a convenient break line to enable a perfect match to the gloss level.

D8115 and D8117 can also be applied over rigid plastics, including wing mirrors, grills and bumpers without the need for special additives, providing a tough and durable finish.

These new PPG Low Gloss Clearcoats have excellent application properties and are both easy to apply, and fast to denib which leads to reduced process times and improved bodyshop productivity.