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PPG launches D8416 Deltron 1K Primer Aerosol White G1

PPG has launched the PPG D8416 Deltron 1K Primer Aerosol White G1 to complete the Greymatic shades range. G1 complements the existing G5, G6 and G7, encouraging Bodyshops to use the correct grey shade prior to the application of colour.
The completed range now includes:
D8416/E0.4 – 1K Aerosol Primer – G1
D8421/E0.4 – 1K Aerosol Primer – G5
D8424/E0.4 – 1K Aerosol Primer – G6
D8426/E0.4 – 1K Aerosol Primer – G7

The D8416 1K Primer Aerosol white G1 also features an applicator nozzle that delivers improved product performance by creating a fan shaped pattern when spraying, achieving a softer, smoother laydown leading to an improved final basecoat appearance.

This product is suitable for use under Envirobase High Performance basecoat and Deltron Progress topcoat.  It is designed and formulated for rub-trough’s to bare metal and for small spot repairs. For premium performance over large areas a Chromate-Free Etch Primer should be used.