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PPG launches new and improved TouchMix™ mixing system

PPG has unveiled its new and improved TouchMix™ mixing system for PPG users, an easy to use electronic colour retrieval and paint mixing tool containing many new and improved features.

PPG’s TouchMix™ performs all the functionalities a painter needs today to work effectively on a large 38-CM-colour-touch-screen-operated device that uses the latest touch response technology.
As part of the PPG’s commitment to improve it’s offer to bodyshops the latest TouchMix™ has been designed with several features and benefits.
The latest PPG TouchMix™ features the following benefits:


  • Compact dimensions – Ideal for small mixing rooms, TouchMix™ is also easily wall mountable with brackets provided; especially useful for smaller mixing rooms.
  • Toughened glass face – Easy maintenance and robust design.
  • Wi-fi connectivity – Allows for connection to the bodyshop network without the need for untidy cables in the mixing room. An additional benefit of this is the ability of the system to update itself monthly without the need for a CD drive, providing access to the latest product and product information via monthly internet update.
  • Connects to multiple devices – Can be connected to multiple devices through its additional USB ports for ease of data transfer. With the option to install as a stand alone unit or in a network environment, the new TouchMix™ enables high productivity and efficient control of the paint management process. In addition the new TouchMix™ also has a 4GB USB Pen Drive enabling an internal back up for easy system restore.

This is another example of PPG’s commitment to make colour mixing easier and quicker for bodyshops.