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PR Reilly now stocking Sofima diesel filters

Sofima’s range of diesel filters ensure the highest possible separation of water residue from the fuel, according to distributors Team PR Reilly.

Team PR Reilly says that Sofima’s range of filters ensure the utmost protection and best performance for engines. All diesel systems are subject to water condensation, which is a major threat to the micron-sized injectors.

Innovative filter materials are used to guarantee the security of these injectors and the injection pump, by filtering out the water. Sofima filters are all designed to ensure the highest possible separation of water residue from the fuel – up to 95 per cent – and have excellent impurity filtration capacity.

These products are capable of performing filtration and water elimination duties to the highest levels in the Aftermarket and they offer:

A layer of synthetic filter fibre which separates water molecules from the fuel, preventing it from passing through to the cellulose filtration layer

Water separation capability in excess of 95%, as demanded by the leading vehicle manufacturers
Filtration down to 4 microns

High-pressure resistance which is suitable for common rail diesel engines working at 1,800+ bar

Filter life cycle in line with, and often exceeding, the VM recommended service intervals

Some filters have an additional integrated sensor which detects water and discharges it.

Some filter manufacturers, including major OE competitors, produce fuel filters that only offer 60-70% water separation, subjecting the injectors to potential long term water damage.

For further information on the Sofima programme Call Team P R Reilly today on 01-8320006