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Qualvecom offers top tips on preparing a car for winter driving

With winter upon us, leading distributor Qualvecom is offering visitors to its website, top tips on how to prepare their vehicle for winter.

The following checks are quick and easy to carry out, and will help to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.
• Check the condition and operation of all lights and replace any damaged lamps or non-operational lights.
• Check the condition of all wiper blades and replace any worn or damaged blades.
• Increase the concentration of the sceenwash fluid in the washer bottle to prevent Media Library – Winter Warning freezing, and ensure that the bottle is kept topped up. Check the operation of the washers.
• Check the strength of the antifreeze to ensure sufficient protection and if necessary replace the coolant.
• Check the engine oil level and top up as required.
• Check all tyres for condition and tread depth, also check and maintain the tyre pressures (including the spare). Ensure all tools are present and functional.
• Check the condition of the brakes system and replace any worn or damaged parts.
It is also advisable to carry some emergency equipment in the vehicle is case the worst should happen. Keep the following in your vehicle just in case.
• Torch with spare batteries.
• Hi visibility vest.
• Warm and waterproof jacket.
• Gloves.
• Spare pair of shoes and socks.
• De-icer and ice scraper.
• Fully charged mobile phone.
• If the weather is especially bad take a warm drink with you.

It is also worth keeping a shovel and a tow rope in the car during exceptionally bad weather, but the most important thing to keep you safe during winter driving is an appreciation of the conditions around you.