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Randstad launches new TerraCoolant exchange machine

Randstad Ltd has launched a new TerraCoolant Exchange Machine into the automotive aftermarket, which quickly flushes and refills the cooling system.

As coolant becomes contaminated, it deteriorates and its additive package depletes. Scale and rust can form in the cooling system, which dramatically decreases the system’s ability to draw heat away from the engine.  Old coolant also loses its ability to prevent corrosion.

Conventional drain and fill coolant exchangers can leave more than half of the old coolant in the system, so the new coolant is less able to protect against corrosion.

The TerraCoolant machine, which runs off a 12v DC charge, flushes and refills the cooling system in 15 minutes. The sophisticated system cannot be under or over filled and its vacuum allows for rapid evacuation of the reservoir and depressurisation of the cooling system.

The new machine is compact for ease of storage and performs an efficient and profitable service as part of a preventative maintenance programme.

The new TerraCoolant exchange machine joins the Automatic Transmission Flush and Brake Bleeding Machine as part of a series of new workshop equipment.

For more information contact Graham Larkin,  TerraClean Ireland on 083 102 5570