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‘Re-calibration ‘Only’ Is Poor Value For Money, Says Equipment Supplier

UK-based Globaljig equipment supplier Tri-Sphere warns that road safety is being threatened by re-calibration service suppliers that are unable to offer a repair option.

IMG_4502---Version-32The decline of the service and maintenance routine is compromising the accuracy of chassis measurement and the associated repair quality standards, it says.

Tri-Sphere director Jim Masterson points out that seriously worn crossbeam bearings – and damaged tapes that are not being replaced – are typical of the type of jig system problems that are increasingly being overlooked.

Worn crossbeam bearings will extend set-up and loading times, restrict on-jig vehicle manoeuvrability and hinder the accuracy of vehicle measurement.

“If no repair option is available, then where these issues are logged, an ‘out of calibration’ notice is issued. The bodyshop manager is then left with a jig system that is unreliable and a risk to road safety.”

He adds:

“A measuring system must be able to operate correctly. A low cost re-calibration service without a rectification and service option represents poor value for money. It just leaves the bodyshop with additional costs to bear.”