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Rear wiper blades from Bosch

When driving, a clear rear view is just as important as the view from the front. Bosch says its rear wiper blades provide the best possible wiping results and longevity.

Bosch claims its ‘Aerotwin’ wiper delivers first-class performance for rear windows, ensuring better, quieter and longer wiping. It features the same state-of-the art technology as Aerotwin flat wiper blades for the windshield.

The company says the design of its rear wiper blades guarantee easy and safe fitting thanks to its vehicle-specific type integrated into the wiper blade.

Bosch rear wipers are available as both standard types with preassembled adapter and as a vehicle-specific full-metal solution.

Due to safety reasons, wiper blades should be changed regularly. Therefore, Bosch recommends to replace them once a year. The right time is indicated by several factors. Throughout the year, the wipers continue to perform at a high standard regardless of sunny or rainy weather conditions.

In winter the wiper blades are in continuous operation due to ice, snow and rain. In summer time ultraviolet rays can make the rubber porous. This can result in cords, or in the worst case scenario, scratches on the windscreen.