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Restoration of Chassis 8 ZP Jaguar E-Type gets underway

Classic Motor Cars in Shropshire, UK is carrying out the restoration of Chassis 850008, the eighth Jaguar ‘ZP’ car produced.

CMC’s specialist restoration technicians have started work on the car after its return from soda blasting. Bodywork has started and remedial repairs to the original structure are being carried out focusing on retaining as much originality as possible, the restoration crew says.

Restoration of the car’s original competition flywheel, engine, steering rack, heating box are some of the first elements being worked on. This car was famously raced competitively by Sir Gawaine Ballie in the 1960s.

Tim Griffin, engineering and production director at the firm says: “The restoration of Chassis 8 is one in which we are very much looking forward to carrying out. Jaguar’s success in racing is undoubtedly engrained in British motorsport.

The ZP project, which was masterminded by Claude Bailey, was aimed at taking the fight to manufacturers that had been dominating GT racing.”

He adds: “At Classic Motor Cars we have restored many early E-Types. Every time a car with great history arrives here, we have to take a moment to appreciate its presence. Chassis 8 is definitely one of those cars!”

Tim Rhodes, the restoration technician undertaking the cars revival, says: “I couldn’t be happier with being entrusted to build up Chassis 8. Over the last month I have started refurbishing many original components.

“It’s also been a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the car and the ‘ZP Project’. Having restored many E-Types, I find it amazing that these cars did so well as so little was changed to the normal production cars. It just goes to show how good the Jaguar E-Type can perform.”