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Ring adds three new worklamps

Lighting specialist Ring has introduced three new worklamps that deliver on providing light solutions for all professions.

Ring says all three worklamps are lightweight, durable and flexible, so the user can use their light with confidence and focus on the job at hand.

The RWL400 is a battery operated worklamp that has a dual light head and two handles that can be altered to be freestanding at multiple different angles, which allows for full flexibility. It’s 400 lumens and has 16 hours of operating time.

The RWL600 and RWL1000 are both rechargable via USB C and have handles attached, so that the light can be hung or be freestanding, ensuring that it is completely adaptable for the user.

The RWL600 has 600 lumens and has an operating time of six and a half hours, with a two and a half hours recharging time, whereas the RWL1000 has 1,000 lumens, an eight hour operating time and it takes four hours for it to recharge.

Both units also come with a handy powerbank function so tradespeople can charge mobile phones or devices when at work.