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Ring innovation rewarded at International Show

At the recent Mototec Automechanika Madrid exhibition, Ring’s new SmartCharger, RSC612, with Patent-pending, was awarded the show’s Innovation Award. This is an award given to new products that the show’s committee have selected for progressing product technology through innovation.

Ring was at the show to further develop its growing business in Europe. The show was a great success and very well attended, but for Ring it will be memorable for the RSC612 SmartCharger winning such a prestigious award having only been launched in January.


To receive such an accolade, so quickly is an endorsement of Ring’s commitment to innovating products and giving customers unique products.

Ring’s Iberian Sales Manager Ricardo Miranda was delighted to accept the award on behalf of the company.

The SmartCharger, is a 7 stage smartcharger, future proofed to look after modern STOP/START batteries. But it is the integration of battery analyser technology for a complete analysis on a vehicle’s battery starting system that sets it apart from other battery chargers.

The battery analyser tools to help determine the condition of the battery and alternator are:

Battery Voltage Test – Displays battery charge as a percentage of its capacity

Start Power Test – Assesses the battery cranking power recovery to identify potential starting problems due to battery failure.

Alternator Output Test – Measures and displays the charging performance of the vehicle alternator.

Battery Cranking Performance Test. – This measures the cranking performance of the battery to determine starting capacity.

Another innovation is the memory saver function. If the vehicle battery is needed to be removed, this function allows the vehicle electrical and audio settings to be retained, so removing any hassle and inconvenience when the battery is reconnected.

The units come with a five-year warranty.