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Ring points to bulb upgrade opportunities

Lighting specialists, Ring Automotive, is advising workshops to maximise bulb sales and profit opportunities by simply checking all exterior lights are working correctly when a vehicle comes into the garage.

If a bulb is blown the options are to replace like for like or sell an upgrade. By selling an upgrade garages can make more profit from bulbs turning a ā‚¬10 sale into a ā‚¬30 sale.

Ring Automotive says its XenonUltima bulbs offers up to 120% more light on the road ahead. They also offer better reflections from road markings and signs and objects such as cyclists or pedestrians can be seen more clearly.


All these benefits combine to help make the journey much safer and more comfortable and as the bulbs are ā€˜Eā€™ approved they are also legal to use, Ring Automotive says.

Understanding that the purchase of headlamp bulbs is typically a service item or a distress purchase, most motorists will not be fully aware of the bulb options open to them.

By helping educate customers and making them aware of latest performance bulb, garages can increase their profits.

To support the garages, Ring has put together a package of promotional material targeted at encouraging customers to think about their vehicle lighting.

Firstly, an eye catching counter top display has been produced. Secondly, a dramatic A2 sized poster to advertise the XenonUltima bulbs is also available. The posters will catch the eye of customers as they wait in garage waiting rooms.

Posters are FREE and are available for all garages through their Motor Factor. Simply quote Product reference CAT37.


It is also worth remembering that once customers see the benefit of fitting a performance bulb like XenonUltima the next time they need to replace a headlamp bulb, they are less likely to compromise on light output and will request XenonUltima.

To see the difference for yourselves Ring Automotive have produced a video that is available on YouTube –